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Monday, July 19, 2010

10 Days till the BIG PCS!

Soooo Yes, I have been M.I.A.! So much happening at once! PCS,laundry, Packing, out- processing, having a going-away party this weekend.Did I mention, I missed Blogging. Lots of fun stuff happned this weekend, I died my hair dark. Darker than I ever have gone before, but everyones right dark=mysterious. I love it, but would love your input!

Went and seen the new Twilight movie.... verdict is : for all you Twigeeks... Eclipse kinda sucked, I loved the romance, but definatly expected more action! BELLA, BELLA, BELLA geez!! Lay off a little! Make it more about JACOB, Edward, JACOB. lol. Still enjoyed the movie mostly because it was the first movie the hubbs and I have seen in the theater together in too many years to count!

So ten days and a wake up, we are Ft. Campbell bound. I am so excited to the point I cant sleep. I havent been doing much of that lately anyhoo! I have so much to do, so I took a fellow follower's advice and made a top 4 list for each day and it has worked like a charm!

Also, I recieved this comment and thought mabey some of you Mil-Spouses would think it was a good thing so heres me passing it along, I would definatly watch this Docu-reality series brought to you by Gillette, Walmart and the USO.

Are you a military family awaiting the return of a soldier who has been away for a while?

Are you a soldier stationed overseas who can’t wait to see your family?

Do you have a compelling story about your upcoming reunion?

Would you like to be featured on a reality show?

We are looking for families, who are anticipating the return of a loved one who is

oversees and on active duty, to participate in a reality show about the upcoming reunion.


I really like your blog. I am a casting director for a docu-reality series sponsored by the USO about military families with loved ones stationed overseas. I'd love if you would submit to be on the show. If you, or someone else you know, might like to be on the series, or if you just want some more information pleas...e go to WWW.ROADTOREUNION.COM

We are really trying to show the sacrifice, loyalty, and courage it takes to be a military family and can use your help.

ChrisSee more
Road to Reunion Casting Form

I hope that this documentry will help others to get to know the srtuggles of the ups and downs of our lives!

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