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Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July weekend!


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I hope you all had an amazing 4th Of July weekend! I had one of the best Independance day EVER!. My husband was fortunate to have (as us Mil-Spouses call it) a 4-day!! <3 Hooah <3, for the Holiday weekend. So we got to have him all to ourselves since Friday 6 a.m. I have to ask that u excuse me for being absent from my new hobbie... a.k.a(My Blog)not that you all missed me, but because I missed it. Its like my daily venting source (Wheather it may be good or bad), I get it all out. That and the sence of equality I feel when I read other bolgs!

So with that being said, we didnt go out of town, or visit friends or family (who I miss enormously). We stayed in and watched movies, went to the park and paddle-boating, had a picnic, beach all day on Independance Day, watched phenominal fireworks at Ft. Menroe (Buckroe beach), And finally, today, we just relaxed and BBQ'd lesierly enjoying our last few hours together until back to Ft. Eustis for another week down in the completion of 29 and a half weeks of AIT. Only 25 more days of classes!! Wow, after tonight 25 days until our journey moves on to Ft.Campbell, KY. YAYYYY I mean... hmmmm There is so much to do, and so much I dont want to do. Like saying good-bye to the irreplaceable people I met here. Which BTW FYI they ROCK!! Once again we are transitioning into the next phase and as excited as I am I can Honestly say I am equally as nrevous!! I do love this crazy, beautiful, Army life. It may have ups and downs but what in this life doesnt' or better yet will give you the opportunitys to cherish life even more and appreciate it as you venture? I would say that this life warrents more appreciation for human sacrifice and the power of love than even I can give at this moment, But, I vow to allow more room for all the good and bad this life brings to the table.

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