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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day-2 OF (30 DAYS OF ME!)

Day 2: Your Favorite Movie...

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Man, I Love movies too! Lol. I will have to say that Top gun is my all time Favorite.

Although, The Notebook is right there Nichlos Sparks ROCKS!

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The Last song was an emotional roller coaster I didn't want to get off of! Even my daughter (6) was a wreck, I had to keep reminding her that it was a movie. But, that family's go through that all the time. I guess that would make me a die hard romantic... OR A sapp??? IDK but those are my top 3 I cant narrow it down any further.

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Elizabeth and Patrick said...

was the last song good .. I was praying it was because i didn't like the way dear john played out .. and I LOVE the notebook!! GOOD choices!

Army Big Daddy's Wifey!! said...

The last song was great! I mean ur gonna need a prozak or something after lol, just kidding, but it did have my lil girl bawling her eyes out. I guess I should have researched it before bringing her to see that one. A definate dissapointment in DEAR JOHN! I didnt evern list it I was expecting more outta ol' Nicholas he does amazing movies that touch our hearts theough the screen.

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