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Monday, July 12, 2010

Wow 17 Days...

Hello, and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Surprisingly,I had a great weekend. My In-Laws were in town for a couple days and we enjoyed their visit with a trip to NN Park to feed all the wildlife and they LOVED it! Sunday we went to Virginia Beach, had to keep up with our weekly tradition of beach time! J's Sis was there and so we got to catch up with her and her Lil family, as it had been over a year since we got that chance. After spending the majority of the day there, blistered (sun-burn) we headed home to spend our last night together before J had to return to base and his parents swept my Lil Katiebug to Georgia for 3 weeks. Lil JJ wasn't having it he didn't even ask to go. Everyone says he's a Mama's Boy; and right now that's OK with me!

J and his Sis

Beach Bums!!!

Sooooo, YES I said it... 17 short days and we will be on our journey to Ft. Campbell. The closer it gets the more ecstatic I get! I found out we are number 42 of 66 on the waiting list for Housing. Like I said, I know it could be worse so I am counting my blessings and getting started on the details of the trip. Hopefully you can follow us on this PCS and enjoy the musings and misadventures of this experience! Army Life isn't always easy but I do have to say that in very different ways it is an essential tool in our lives. I feel it has meen instrumental in helping our children be more social and J's and my relationship has flourished in some of the best ways. I am sure I will have my days but today... is justified!

I also wanted to give all my new followers a big Welcome, I want you all to know how important this blog and your input is to me! I am fairly new to this whole thing and along the way have found some incredible blogs to follow that I feel like I could learn so much from! So Today, here is to our Futures may they have so much more to give and learn from. THANK YOU ALL FROM THE DEPTHS OF MY HEART!!! ((((HUGS))))

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One more thing, this blog A little Pink in a world of Camo has captivated me, and made me feel so much more aware of all the things we all take for granted on a daily basis! Her strength and courage are a force to be reckoned with. She amazes me every time I read a new entry. Bless her, for letting us in to see and feel the rawness of having lost the Love of her life and the father of her precious child for the sake and safety of our country!The ultimate Sacrifice.

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Jessa said...

I've heard a lot of good things about Fort Campbell; have a few friends there. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Good luck moving up quickly on the housing list. We were lucky and moved to a post that does housing based on when you are arriving, so we had housing immediately.

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